Department of Geography

Welcome Note


The Department of Geography was one of the four foundation departments of the Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences established in 2014 The Department offers courses leading to a single honours degree in Geography.

This is with a view to afford the graduate of geography to fit into different fields of human endeavour in the private and public sectors of the economy.

The courses are designed to examine the spatial dimension of the Physical, Economic, Social and Political forces which are evident in the organisation of human societies and activities. In particular they look at the interaction of these forces and how they change over time and operate at different scalar levels.

The undergraduate course in Geography is designed to provide training in the theory and practice of Geography with emphasis on thorough grounding infield techniques and the manipulation of modern tools. Over-specialization is avoided at this level.

The Department is expected to produce its first graduates in 2018. The syllabus in Geography Department is aimed at producing graduates infused with an enthusiasm to make a meaningful contribution to the society.


The philosophy of BSc Geography programme is to produce graduates equipped with sound knowledge of the application of scientific techniques, methods and knowledge of geography towards solving and tackling the various developmental, planning and environmental challenges confronting Nigeria as a nation and the world at large. The programme is designed in such a way that students will comprehend, utilize and effectively manage, interpret and explain immediate, national and international environment.


The aim of the programme is to train students to acquire the skills of handling and solving issues of Geographic nature.

The objectives are to:

    1. Provide training in the theory and practices of Geography with emphasis on thorough grounding in the field techniques and the manipulation of modern tools.
    2. Training students to cultivate an inquisitive mind and to develop skills in the retrieval and interpretation of geographic data for national and international development.
    3. Inculcate students to the role of geography in national development by helping them get a thorough grasp of geographical concept and theories, which they can then apply.
    4. Develop and sharpen students’ critical judgment for observing, understanding, analyzing and synthesizing data on environment using geographical method and techniques, and;
    5. Train students that could fit into different fields of human endeavour in the private and public sectors of the economy.


The Department aspires to be:

A department of international repute committed to scholarly excellence in field of geography


The mission of the Department is:

To provide dynamic leadership in the teaching, research, consultancy and community services in geography for the benefit of mankind and sustainable development