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Aliyu Lado Bilbis

University Head Coach
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About Sport Unit

This unit is in existence since the Establishment of the Federal University Birnin Kebbi in 2013. The Sports and Recreational Unit is headed by a Head Coach and is being deputized by an Assistant Coach.The responsibility of the Unit is among others, to carryout sports and recreational games for students as well as the staff of the University.

Apart from promoting sporting events and games in the University campus, it is also responsible for affiliating with other sports bodies outside the University. Among other bodies includes; the Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA), the West African Games Association (WAUG), Nigerian University Staff Sport Association (NUSSA), and other sports bodies as the case may be.

Sports Unit is also responsible for organizing sporting activities to make special days of the University such as: Matriculation Ceremonies, Graduation Ceremonies, and Students’ week as well as inter-faculties and inter-states or departmental competitions at the end of semesters or session. Similarly, the Unit is responsible for the purchasing, keeping and maintaining of all sports equipments and facilities of the University; and at the time of any need for supply of equipment and instalment of facilities, request is often made to the Vice Chancellor through the Dean Students Affairs.

Federal University Birnin Kebbi is fully registered and affiliated member of the Nigerian University Game Association (NUGA), the Nigerian University Staff Sports Association (NUSSA), and the West African University Games (WAUG) and has been actively participating in most of their programs.The University currently has a Mini Stadium which consist of a football pitch, volley ball courts, basketball court, and Badminton court as well as Hand ball court. The Mini Stadium is situated beside the fence of the University take off site campus.

Schedule of activities undertaking by the Units
1.External events
a.NUGA preliminaries
b.Participation in NUGA Programmes
c.WAUG participation
2.Internal events

This event is mainly a football match organized by the student representative council and supervised by the unit to be played between fresh students and returning students, when all the students are fully registered and well accommodated. The aim is to promote cordial relationship among students and the entire University community. This event usually take place in the first semester.


This kind of events is usually organized by the sports Unit itself and involves all faculties and departments to compete with one another, which at the end a special day will be marked for the final where speeches are prepared and presented by the key officers of the University most especially the Dean of Students Affairs and the Vice Chancellor as well as other distinguished personalities as may be requested by the Unit and the Dean of Student Affairs. Prizes were presented to the wining and loosing team to celebrate the day.


This kind of event is played during graduation ceremony. It is usually played among the Academics and Non Academics Staff of the University. The aim is to entertain and promote the mutual working relationship and understanding between the staff.


The sport Unit is mandated to introduce all staff both Academic and Non Academic staff of the University to participate in a week fit training exercise. This kind of event is usually leads by the University Vice Chancellor for a road work of not more than 3 kilometers. The aim is to prepared the whole body of the participant and keep fit for normal work and withstand the rigours of the University. It is usually done once in a month. Preferably on Saturdays.

Contact person
Aliyu Lado Bilbis
University Head Coach
Federal University Birnin Kebbi
Kebbi State, Nigeria.